Communal Accountability

HappiStar is dedicated to promoting responsible gaming. Remote gambling can be a great source of entertainment for millions, yet it’s important to acknowledge that some people might suffer from problem gambling or underage betting. We are committed to creating an enjoyable environment where everyone is protected and all players can enjoy our services in a secure manner. Problem gambling is a harmful pattern of betting that can adversely affect one’s personal, family, and vocational life. Additionally, it has the potential to damage psychological, physical or social aspects of an individual’s well-being. This issue encompasses all levels of problematic gambling habits – from “Pathological” to “Compulsive”. If you are gambling too much, then the signs can be hard to ignore. You may find yourself needing to wager higher stakes more often and feeling agitated when trying to quit. There’s also “chasing losses” where a person gambles in an attempt to make back money they lost while playing earlier. Ultimately, it comes down to a lack of control that leads someone to keep on with their behavior even if there is potential for dire consequences coming from it.

happistar responsible gaming

At HappiStar, we are dedicated to being a socially responsible company and taking care of our players by implementing proactive approaches to address community problems. That’s why we have adopted – and made a commitment to uphold the highest standards for – the following policies:

Minors’ Access Control

At HappiStar, we ensure the safety of our customers by requiring all new users to declare that they are 18 years or older and legally allowed to use our services. If we reasonably suspect a false declaration or minors attempting to access our site, we reserve the right to suspend an account until proof of identity and age is provided as verification. 

Regulating Addictive Gambling

At HappiStar, we maintain a safe and enjoyable setting for all. Compulsive gambling does not aid our mission; it instead has severe impacts on families, friends and the individual experiencing compulsive behavior. This can lead to an unstable atmosphere that is detrimental to everyone involved.

At HappiStar, we are devoted to curtailing problem gambling. As such, our system is designed to monitor player behavior and enforce necessary regulations that work towards limiting these hazardous tendencies. We continually strive for progress in creating more safety nets for those who may be struggling with compulsive gaming habits.

Happistar Regulating Addictive Gambling

Although most people gamble responsibly, for some it can become disordered. At our establishment, we not only seek to identify individuals with compulsive gambling tendencies but also assist them in addressing the issue and protect other players from developing a similar problem.

To ensure you keep things in check, we recommend to think of gambling like an entertainment expense. Treat it as such and don’t go overboard when spending money on your entertainment activities.

Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware strives to provide transparent information about gambling. They only promote responsible gaming, and they support campaigns that help keep it from becoming an issue in people’s lives as well as minimize the repercussions of irresponsible gambling. To gather more info on problem gambling and available assistance services, you can  go online and contact them directly for answers: 


Preventing Access to Online Gambling Platforms

If you think that your gambling has become damaging, we suggest installing Gam Block blocking software. It will track data used by any betting sites, immediately shut down the browser and issue a warning message each time an attempt is made to access such websites. The one-year permit for this service costs $89.95 (approx €63 or £54) and more details are on

What Are the Steps to Self-Exclude from HappiStar?

At HappiStar, we are devoted to raising the bar of integrity and transparency in our target markets. Our commitment is to fulfill the highest standards of responsibility, legitimacy and awareness for all those involved with us. We firmly believe that by abiding by these values, everyone will benefit from an elevated level of integrity across the world.

In order to help our players gamble responsibly, we at HappiStar partner with institutions devoted to discussing the societal ramifications of gambling and also work together on creating responsible policies and practices. As a result of this dedication, we follow all social responsibility guidelines set forth by these leading organizations.

The Steps to Self-Exclude from HappiStar

If you’re ever concerned about your gambling habits, we are here to provide support and activate the following tools for you:

If ever you feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic, our Self Exclusion facility is here to help. You can request for one of the following cooling off exclusions periods:

How to Ask for Self-Exclusion from HappiStar?

How to Ask for Self-Exclusion from HappiStar?

You can easily implement your own self-exclusion by visiting the ‘My Profile’ tab. Then click on the Time-Out tab and select a period of exclusion. All that’s left after that is to click Save.

How Quickly Will My Self-Exclusion Request be Processed?

How Quickly Will My Self-Exclusion Request be Processed?

As soon as you self-exclude, your account will become inaccessible. Remember that once activated, you won’t be able to add money to your account or gamble with it and also cannot withdraw any funds from your balance.

Account Reactivation or New Account Opening During Self-Exclusion: Is It Allowed?

Account Reactivation or New Account Opening During Self-Exclusion: Is It Allowed?