Privacy policy

We at HappiStar consider the confidentiality of our users to be of utmost importance. We are aware that you furnish us with definite private facts when visiting our web page or reaching out for assistance, technical support and other inquiries. Here is what we cover: name, address, phone number(s), email account as well as identification numbers and banking details if applicable. To defend these sensitive pieces of details from any unauthorized utilization or revelation to third parties-we have created this Protection Policy to outline how we handle the materials you provide to us. Our commitment to protecting confidentiality extends to any private facts provided to us by our business partners, however not to companies or personnel we do not possess or oversee. HappiStar strictly maintains exemplary levels of confidentiality and protection when it comes to confidential facts.

Happistar Privacy policy

Consent to Data Protection Policy

By using this portal, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our conditions related to the access to our services and the safeguarding of your confidential facts.

Data Acquisition & Usage

When you reach out to us for assistance or support, we may ask for details that can recognize you. Your private facts may also be obtained through use of our offerings or from affiliated companies. Prior to logging in, contacting us or filling a form on our site however; we don’t gather any personally identifiable details. All the info gathered is solely utilized for fulfilling your requests for further knowledge and having permission to utilize other related products/services that are provided by us.

Data Sharing and Revealing

We will never sell or rent your private details to any agent at any time. However, there may be cases in which we disclose some confidential facts that can be used to recognize you only if:

By providing your private materials for accessing our offerings, you authorize us to store and process it in any way we contemplate mandatory. This could involve storing the data on computers across countries or jurisdictions, which may be managed by us internally at our discretion.

Contact Us

To modify or erase your private data held by us,don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team without hesitation if you have any inquiries or apprehensions.