Happistar Bonuses and Promotions

Happistar is a licensed bookmaker in Curacao that provides all types of online gambling and betting for real money in a fun and easy way for its users. Since 2021, we have offered a huge choice of sports events and games, customer-focused services, and encouraging bonuses.

The key Happistar bonus is a welcome offer that everybody can count on under the sole condition of depositing their account. But it is not the only one! The bonus program is packed with benefits for gamblers who use our website to entertain themselves and win some cash. It can be extended with additional options in the future. All offers are available for users of both the website and mobile versions of Happistar without any restrictions.

Now, we are going to tell you how to get extra funds sent to your account and access to free spins and bets.

Happistar Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonus for Sports Betting

When you sign up for an account on our website and put money in it, you can get a welcome bonus worth up to INR 30,000. This bonus is split into three parts and given to you when you make your first three cash deposits.

In order to get it, you should sign in on our website, go to your account, activate the option in the “Promos” section of the menu, and follow the instructions. Now, you are expected to make a deposit. The amount should not be less than 300 INR. It’s time to check out your balance. It should be increased by the sum of your own funds and the bonus amount, which is calculated as a specified percentage of your deposit.

In addition to the Happistar bonus of INR 30,000, you get 70 free spins, which can be used for gambling at our casino. You can choose any slot on our list and win more thanks to extra attempts.

Welcome Bonus for Sports Betting

A welcome bonus scheme looks as follows:

DepositBonus, %Bonus, INR the amount that cannot be exceededOdds
First deposit12010,000 + 70 FSx15
Second deposit7510,000x12
Third deposit5010,000x10

You cannot withdraw the above bonus funds, but you can withdraw the winning prize that you get by using the presented digital money. Also, it must be wagered according to the rules, which say that the bets must be placed on any match in real or virtual sports with odds of 1.5 or higher.

Please remember that to enjoy any bonuses, you must meet our wagering requirements; otherwise, they will be canceled.

Welcome Bonus for Gambling at Our Casino

When you register on our website and fund your account for gambling, you become eligible for a welcome bonus that is limited to INR 80,000 in total.

This Happistar bonus is paid in installments. You’ll get three amounts in addition to your three first deposits. They are calculated as a specified percent of your deposit but cannot exceed the fixed value.

The conditions are similar to the welcome bonus for betting:

  1. In order to enjoy this gift, you are expected to be registered on our website.
  2. You should turn on the option by going to your account, finding the right choice in the “Promos” section of the menu, and checking the box that says you want the bonus.
  3. This bonus will be transmitted to your account as soon as you make a deposit, which can be a minimum of 300 INR. It can be used when playing table games, live games, and/or slots.

In addition, you get 30 free spins that can also be used for gambling at our casino. You are free to choose slots on our list and increase your winning chances due to extra attempts. 

Welcome Bonus for Gambling at Our Casino

A bonus scheme looks as follows:

DepositBonus, %Bonus, INR the amount that cannot be exceededOdds
First deposit12030,000 + 30 FSx16
Second deposit7525,000x13
Third deposit5025,000x10

Please keep in mind that you can benefit either from a betting welcome bonus or a casino welcome bonus. It is not allowed to activate both of them at the same tim


There are some activities that are supported by a refund of a specified percentage of lost wagers. It is suggested that a cashback equal to 10% be returned to bettors’ accounts if their wagers are made on the men’s World Cup 2023 (Ice Hockey Championship). The cashback limit in absolute terms is equal to 20,000 INR.

The cashback is paid, provided that the odds are not less than 1.5. In order to get it, you should reach out to our support team within three days after the championship is over and claim the refund.

happistar cashback


We provide our users with the possibility to cancel the wagers they have made and get the cashout. The option means that you will receive a certain amount of your bet when the event still continues and the outcome is not yet known. It is used when a bettor’s decision is called into question due to a change in the situation during the match or rounds. 

Please keep in mind that the option cannot be applied when the sporting event is over.

Cashouts can be used at any time during the sporting event, regardless of the betting type. In such a way, you can save a part of your winnings or reduce possible losses. Be sure to get your payout, which is calculated using your bet amount, the odds at the time of betting, and the current odds.

happistar cashout


If you want to win a lot, it is suggested that you take part in tournaments arranged for almost any type of entertainment available on our website, including sports betting, slots, table games, and others. We hold them on a regular basis. The schedule of the tournaments can be found in the “Bonuses” section of the menu on our website. Register and participate in the events! It is impossible to join if no deposit is made.

Most of the time, the prize pool is big and split among the best players or bettors. You can become one of them if you are able to get higher on the leaderboard. To get points, you have to meet certain requirements, which change depending on the type of tournament. It can be your total betting turnover or your amount of winnings. The prize multipliers can earn points too.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. To please our customers, we offer 24/7 support and would be delighted to help you!

happistar tournaments